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Is to turn ignorance into intelligence

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All funds are used to further the Books Up Guns Down agenda

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Our project has been publicized and known by more than 2 million people

Inspiring education through Entreprenuerialism

In the Summer of 2013 on the South Side of Chicago we gathered up five young men ages nine thru twelve and provided entreprenuerial activities for them to do to help them escape the violence that was saturating their neighborhood that summer. The young men had to read to participate.

It was never intended to become a program... But it was necessary...

Our aim is counter the culture of "streetlife and violence" through various innovative educational endeavours while training our young people to be professional and productive in the community

Books Up Guns Down means that we esteem education, and condemn gun violence and violence of any nature. Yes there are many factors that go into the problem of gun violence, which is why we chose not to address the issue surface first, but to dig deep and tackle the root of it. There is a scripture in the Bible that says " My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge" When we look at the violence that plagues the inner cities across America, in all of these locations we will find low education rates and high poverty. So in order to change the direction of generations to come it is a must that the youth be educated. In order to educate in this era we have to make learning fun and desirable.

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Building Stronger Youth With Better Education

When we use the word "Books" we use it to indicate education. Education means the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc... especially by formal schooling: teaching; training. Our objective is to fill the void. Where education is lacking we want to know why! And when we figure out why, we will find a solution and apply it. It is our hope to inspire our young to desire knowledge. We want to launch programs that motivate our youth to study. This is going to be a great challenge but we can make it happen. If we can create the powerful technology that we have today then certainly we can influence our young to read more, study more, to be more! In order for us to accomplish this, you have to be apart.

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Self Awareness Is The Necessary Education to Overcome Perils of Poverty

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